If button mushroom crop is still being produced in seasonal farms, maintain air temperature upto 18°C with 85-90% relative humidity. Thoroughly treat the spent mushroom compost of button mushroom with 2% formaldehyde, close all the doors / vents, etc. for 2-3 days and dispose-off far away from the cropping room if the crop was infected […]


Temperature may rise beyond 18°C after mid of February hence try to maintain it below 18°C by frequent spraying of water on floor and side walls of growing rooms during fruiting of button mushroom. Maintain less than 1000 ppm CO2 level inside the cropping rooms of button mushroom during fruiting. Maintain proper hygienic conditions in […]


Maintain 16-18°C temperature during fruiting in button mushroom growing beds / bags. Give proper ventilation in the cropping rooms to maintain 800-1200 ppm of CO2 during fruiting / pinhead formation and maintain relative humidity of 80-85% in growing rooms for harvesting quality button mushrooms. Ensure proper hygienic conditions in and around growing rooms and spray […]


Spray Chlorothalonil @ 0.05% if any growth of competitors mould is visible on the button mushroom beds during flush break. Spray Decis @ 0.1% if infection of flies is there on walls and surrounding areas. Maintain 16-18ºC and 23-24ºC temperature during fruiting and spawn run, respectively and 80-85% RH inside the growing rooms of button […]


Get your compost samples analysed for moisture, pH and presence of ammonia, if any, before spawning. Maintain proper temperature, humidity and CO2  level inside the growing rooms of button mushroom. Provide proper ventilation in the cropping rooms during fruiting initiation and cropping stages. Spray Chlorothalonil @ 0.05% if any growth of competitor mould is visible […]


Check the compost quality parameters viz. pH, moisture and ammonia, if within permissible limits then spawn the compost. Maintain the requisite temperature (22-25°C) and RH (80-85%) in the cropping rooms for spawn run of button mushroom. Keep the doors and windows closed for high CO2 level (5000 to 10,000 ppm). Case the beds with pasteurized […]


Spray less water on the beds of oyster and milky mushrooms, as the humidity in the air is high. Maintain 25-30ºC temperature in the Oyster Mushroom cropping rooms. Spray Melathion 0.01% and Chlorothalonil on surfaces @ 0.05% at weekly intervals for the control of insects and moulds, respectively. If additional huts / rooms are available […]

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Cultivation

Many essential oils, dyes and cosmetics are made of plants and many species of medicinal and aromatic plants are cultivated for such industrial needs, but most of them are available and wild collected. The medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation should be patterned to guarantee the known levels of the active compounds. The first thing that […]

The Importance of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Plants are a very important source of many products considered as useful for human bodies. Many plant species are used as a source of treatment of various disorders, so these plants are also known as Medicinal and Aromatic plants. Plants have been used since ancient times of all civilizations and cultures, mostly as home remedies […]

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts

The Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research (DMAPR) is the place where you can find many information and details about the importance, the role of the medicinal and aromatic plants in national economy and many Reviews of aromatic and medicinal plants in India. And Slots Plus casino is the place where you can have fun with […]