Intensive lamb rearing for maximizing mutton production

Intensive feeding protocols for lambs on (i) complete feed consists of roughage and concentrates mixture in ratio of 50:50 or (ii) free grazing and¬†ad libitum¬†concentrate mixture supplementation for mutton production has been developed for attaining finishing weight of 33.0 kg at 6 month of age in lambs of native breeds. The venture is found to […]

Chokla, best carpet wool breed

Chokla sheep has been improved through intensive selection for fine carpet wool production. It produces 2.4 kg wool per annum with average fiber diameter of around 30m and medullation of around 30%. The staple length of more than 6.0 cm makes it ideally suitable for carpet

Malpura, a promising breed for mutton production

Malpura, an indigenous sheep for mutton has been improved through intensive selection. Body weight at six month of age has been improved from 13.84 kg in 1974-75 to 25.74 kg in 2010-11. High genetic merit rams are being supplied to the farmers for genetic improvement of animals in the breed tract. The improvement in the […]

Successful demonstration of Artificial Insemination in goat by ICAR-CIARI, Port Blair

Teressa goat in Nicobar group, Andaman goat in Andaman group of Islands and Barren Island goat in Barren Island are indigenous goats available in humid tropical Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. These first two breeds are domesticated and used as meat animals in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The population of goat has been decreased (4.25 […]