Society for Millets Research

Millets as a group of crops are represented by sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra), finger millet (ragi), and minor millets like banyard millet, proso millet, Kodo millet, and foxtail millet. Being an excellent source of essential nutrients to the millions of rural poor in India, they are also called ‘nutritious cereals’. Millets are the staple […]

Main Responsibilities/Functions of the Directorate of Research

To develop and coordinate research in the university, promote inter-disciplinary collaboration in research programs and collaborate with the Directorate of Extension Education in extending the results of various research programs to the fields. Coordinate all research activities conducted within the departments of colleges by members of the staff and post-graduate students in the university through […]

Directorate of Research

The Directorate of Research was established in December 1999. Out of the ten Agro-Climatic zones of the State, two are under the control of the Directorate of Research, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur. The Directorate of Research is responsible for planning, coordinating, and monitoring need-based production-oriented agricultural research both basic and applied […]

Salient Highlights of Research

·         Perfection of improved crop production technologies for the state. ·         Development of improved varieties for all important crops of the State. ·         Promotion of SRI & Hybrid Rice Cultivation in the State through on-farm trials & training to farmers. ·         Use of improved farm implements such as conoweeder, plastic drum seeder, multi-crop vertical reaper, […]

Institute of Agricultural Sciences

The Institute of Agricultural Sciences spare formally established in August 1980 had its inception as the Institute of Agricultural Research, Banaras Hindu University in 1931 upon the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Agriculture, of which, the illustrious founder of this university the late Mahamana Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji was a member. At the […]